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Covid-19 Mitigation Requirements for In-Person Conference Attendance

APPE places the highest priority on the safety of all conference participants, the communities we will visit, and the communities in which our participants live. As a group that encourages people to be ethically-minded and thoughtful, it is a basic expectation of the APPE Annual International Conference that participants act in APPE’s standard considerate, respectful manner during all events and this includes showing a regard for the safety of one’s fellow participants.

Please carefully read through our requirements for in person conference attendance: 

  • Attendees will need to show proof of vaccination status (including a booster, if eligible) by the time of the conference unless advised otherwise by their physician. Those unable to be vaccinated must test negative for coronavirus within 48 hours prior to their arrival at the conference. Further instructions on how to comply with this requirement will be provided soon. Although it is not required, we encourage pre-conference testing for fully vaccinated participants, as well.
  • APPE will require that conference participants comply with all CDC Covid-19 safety protocols in place at the time our conference is held. We expect physical distancing, whenever possible, and mask wearing, even if vaccinated. 
  • Hotel employees will be masked in APPE meeting areas for the duration of the conference.
  • We will provide a list of local locations to perform testing prior to and following the conference.
  • If a participant receives a close contact alert or begins to experience symptoms, we expect them to follow CDC guidelines.
  • If a participant receives a positive test result, we expect them to begin isolating immediately. 
  • If a participant is unable or unwilling to comply with Covid-19 prevention protocols, we encourage them to attend virtually.